SANDOSTATIN® LAR® is indicated for the treatment of:

  • Patients with symptoms associated with functional gastro-entero-pancreatic endocrine tumours e.g. carcinoid tumours with features of the carcinoid syndrome or patients with advanced neuroendocrine tumours of the midgut or of unknown primary origin where non-midgut sites of origin have been excluded.
  • Patients with acromegaly in whom surgery is inappropriate or ineffective, or in the interim period until radiotherapy becomes fully effective.



SANDOSTATIN LAR is an injection that contains a chemical called octreotide. This is a synthetic, long-lasting form of a naturally occurring hormone called somatostatin. The natural form of somatostatin is produced in the brain and digestive tract to inhibit the release of several hormones and chemicals from our organs.

What is SANDOSTATIN LAR used for?

SANDOSTATIN LAR is used to treat patients with acromegaly (a hormonal condition), if it is decided that surgery is not the best option. SANDOSTATIN LAR is used to control the growth of advanced NETs (cancerous cells that begin in specialised cells called neuroendocrine cells) of the midgut.

Effective treatment with SANDOSTATIN LAR can help control acromegaly and improve symptoms you may experience and in turn help to make you feel better and lead a normal lifestyle. SANDOSTATIN LAR is used to control tumour growth and provide symptom control for functioning and non-functioning midgut NETs, helping to preserve a good quality of life for you.

How does SANDOSTATIN LAR work?

SANDOSTATIN LAR contains octreotide which belongs to a group of medicines called somatostatin analogues. It mimics the action of somatostatin by working directly at the site of the pituitary tumour to reduce growth hormone production and improve symptoms of acromegaly and NETs.


More information

For more information about SANDOSTATIN® LAR® please consult:

Summary of product characteristics (SmPC) for SANDOSTATIN® LAR®
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Patient information leaflet (PIL) for SANDOSTATIN® LAR®
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NETs, neuroendocrine tumours.


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