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Novartis is reimagining collaboration by offering unique partnership opportunities with the UK health and care system, providing proven expertise in service transformation and sustainable healthcare solutions as well as data science and digital technologies.

Partnership creates new possibilities to improve and extend the lives of people in the UK, create better experiences for patients and find smarter ways of working together to build a health and care system fit for the future.

Across Novartis we have already helped to improve patient outcomes at both a local and national level, develop new models of sustainable patient care, and introduce innovative technologies into the NHS.

Novartis Biome UK

Launched in February 2020, the Novartis Biome UK provides a platform for health tech entrepreneurs in the UK to work with Novartis and connect via our growing network of Digital Innovation Hubs around the world. The UK Innovation Hub is located at the Novartis UK headquarters in White City – a growing and emerging life sciences hub in West London.

Our vision for the Novartis Biome UK is to be a catalyst for impactful digital collaborations and our purpose is to be a point of convergence for digital innovation as we strive to become the number one partner to the NHS and the tech ecosystem in the UK. We aspire to harness the latest science and technology to realise the healthcare solutions of tomorrow, co-created with the NHS, to improve and extend the lives of patients.

This includes innovative ways to provide access to medicine to more patients, accelerated through the BIOME. It also asks for a much wider cross-industry collaboration to advance health outcomes and unlock potentials to positively impact lives. 

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