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Welcome to the British Society for Haematology event page. Below you can access recordings from the Novartis-sponsored sessions which took place at the BSH Annual Scientific meeting on 3rd–5th April 2022. All the individual presentations from the Novartis-sponsored symposiums are available for you to watch, at a time that is convenient for you.


ADAKVEO®▼(crizanlizumab) Session:
The importance of coordinating patient care and the practicalities of running an infusion centre for Adakveo® (crizanlizumab)
Speakers: Dr Martin Besser / Dr Joe Sharif

ADAKVEO has a conditional marketing authorisation and further evidence is awaited.

Molecular genetics and myelofibrosis – A district general hospital perspective

Watch Dr Rebecca Frewin, Consultant Haematologist at the Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Trust, discuss clinical application of next-generation sequencing (NGS) in myelofibrosis. Her talk covers a basic introduction to molecular mutations in myelofibrosis, the significance of molecular mutations in myelofibrosis and when to screen for mutations in myelofibrosis.



Role of extended gene profiling in myelofibrosis and ruxolitinib therapy: A tertiary centre perspective

In this presentation, Dr Donal McLornan, Consultant Haematologist at the Guy’s and St Thomas’/University College London Hospitals, investigates key questions for targeted panels in contemporary practice. He examines the utility of extended gene profiling in myelofibrosis and if there is an effect of baseline genomic architecture and dynamic changes during disease course on the response to ruxolitinib. He also highlights optimal techniques and future horizons in this space.



Current treatment and best practice (adult and paediatric)

In this presentation, Dr Nichola Cooper, Consultant Haematologist at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, London, gives an overview of the changes in immune thrombocytopenia (ITP) over the last 5 to 10 years. She discusses new treatments and how the evolution in the treatment landscape complicates decisions for clinicians. She expands upon current treatment goals for clinicians, how COVID considerations impact clinical decision making, and ongoing clinical trials.



Overuse of corticosteroids in ITP: An endocrinologist’s perspective

Watch Prof. Mark Gurnell, Consultant Endocrinologist at University of Cambridge, School of Medicine, discuss the overuse of corticosteroids in ITP from the perspective of an endocrinologist. He highlights that oral corticosteroid use may be associated with significant adverse events, and the lowest dose possible should be used for the lowest duration possible. He also discusses adrenal insufficiency (AI) testing considerations for patients with ITP, and how to keep patients with AI safe.



How to identify and improve the symptoms that matter to patients with ITP 

In this talk, Dr Quentin Hill, Consultant Haematologist and Honorary Clinical Associate Professor at Leeds Teaching Hospitals, explores how health-related quality of life (HRQoL) is impacted in ITP, taking into consideration the emotional and physical/functional impact. He provides an overview of the reasons why HRQoL is reduced, and how clinicals can aid the improvement of HRQoL in patients with ITP.


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